Philosophy in Pubs and the role of the public intellectual today.

Paul Doran is one of the founders of Philosophy in Pubs (PIPs), which is the biggest network of community philosophy groups in the UK, with around 40 PIPs across the UK, including 14 in Merseyside, where PIPs began. He will talk about how PIPs started, how they work, and how he sees community philosophy developing in the future, followed by a discussion, Have a glass of you favourite drink handy.

 Paul Doran
 05/10/2020, 7:30PM


Let’s go fly a kite: exploring the enigma of creativity

“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back” (Anais Nin) What is creativity? Are we all creative? Do we need to be more creative? What stops us being creative? For many, creativity and the creative process is “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” (Churchill). Creativity is certainly a complex, paradoxical and difficult notion to understand, as evidenced by the many theories and models that attempt to explain it. In this presentation the education consultant and researcher Paul Kleiman explores creativity through his experiences as a kite-maker and stories from the history of kite-making.

 Paul Kleiman
 02/11/2020, 7:30PM


150 Years of the Warrington Lit & Phil

The very idea of Literary and Philosophical Societies providing a sounding-board for the interested public is one of Warrington's gifts to the world. The first two Lit & Phil societies were set up by former students of the Warrington Academy. Since its establishment in 1870 the Warrington Lit & Phil has met almost 900 times, with a wide range of speakers talking on pretty much every subject imaginable, and some that aren't. Most of the innovations in science and philosophy, literature, politics and the arts, have been discussed at some point or other. Nobel Prizewinners, senior politicians, academics with worldwide reputations, and one or two rogues, have spoken to the Warrington Lit & Phil. On the occasion of the society's 150th anniversary Bill Cooke has analysed the changing emphases of subjects covered over the century and a half. What emerges is a moving picture of the issues that have vexed us all since Queen Victoria was on the throne.

 Bill Cooke
 07/12/2020, 7:30PM