Technological dead ends: ideas that have gone nowhere

So many mind-blowing ideas and inventions have never been widely embraced by Society! Perhaps we might have enjoyed more of the magic of Man’s inventive prowess had at least some of these logic-defying ideas been more fervently pursued. Dr Southall takes a sideways look at the wonders of the improbable.

 Dr Dave Southall, Retired lecturer in Electronic Engineering MMU
 01/10/2018, 7:30PM


A Millennium Of Monasticism

The rise in the number and power of the monasteries during the early part of the 2nd millennium was remarkable, and threatening. Father Michael looks at their influence and in particular at the Premonstratensians, and Mother Kate of Warburton (and Chester) against the wider background of monastic life and development.

 Fr Michael Burgess, St Peter’s Church Oughtrington
 05/11/2018, 7:30PM


Traditional and contemporary songs 'They don't write them like that any more'

Performers of traditional and contemporary songs 'They don't write them like that any more' Based on being born and bred in the North West, Garry and Vera will sing and talk us through a number of their songs, looking at life in the raw throughout the region in their own well-researched, incisive, poignant way, laced with a delightful sprinkling of pragmatism and of course , humour. www.garyandveraaspey.com

 Gary and Vera Aspey
 03/12/2018, 7:30PM


A Romp Through 40,000 Years of Sculpture

Dr Helen Pheby will take us on an illustrated journey through the history of sculpture since prehistoric times, to Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and on to the present day. There will be a focus on the radical changes in sculpture since Auguste Rodin, and looking at the growth and impact of the more abstract sculpture that we see today.

 Dr Helen Pheby,Senior Curator,Yorkshire Sculpture Park
 04/02/2019, 7:30PM


A Brief History of Penguin Books

Arguably the most influential and well-known publisher of the 20th Century, Penguin Books have made an impact on all our lives. Mike takes a look at Allen Lane’s ‘Damascus Moment’, the invention of paperback books, and the opening of London Zoo, through mergers and take-overs, and from Lady Chatterley to Lady Luck. The surprising life of Penguin Books, and its emerging nemesis!

 Mike Bryan, Retired head Sales Manager, Penguin Books
 04/03/2019, 7:30PM


The Hubble Space Telescope

Along with our own Joddrel Bank Radio Telescope, The Hubble Space Telescope has been one of the most successful and informative developments in the exploration of Space. John will look at its concept and design, early problems and how these were overcome, along with remarkable images obtained over more than 25 years of operation.

 John Anderson, High Legh Community Observatory
 01/04/2019, 7:30PM


President's address

Details to follow

 Dr Bill Cooke
 07/10/2019, 12:00AM