Approaches to ageing, vitality and beauty

He has done research on the Christian body-building movement in 19thC also current research which focuses on the history of rejuvenation and anti-ageing in the twentieth century, exploring in particular the links between biomedical and socio-cultural approaches to ageing, vitality and beauty. This has culminated in “The Cult of Youth” due for publication early 2021.

 Dr James Stark, Leeds University
 01/02/2021, 7:30PM


Stories of the morality of mass migration to Australia

Gill is a Warrington author “The Sinking of RMS Tayleur: The Lost Story of the ‘Victorian Titanic’” The morality behind mass immigration to Australia, as the mid-Victorians saw it, and how it contributed to the deaths of so many. She has also written: ”The Lost Story of the William & Mary: The Cowardice of Captain Stinson', and 'The Lost Story of the Ocean Monarch: Fire, Family, and Fidelity”.

 Gill Hoffs
 01/03/2021, 7:30PM


Wall paintings in Pickering Church

In 1852, a series of remarkably well-preserved wall paintings were discovered during restoration work in St. Peter's church, Pickering. Despite interest from local and national experts, the vicar, the Rev. John Ponsonby was horrified by the discovery and attempted to destroy the scheme. When they were re-uncovered by Rev. George Herbert Lightfoot in the 1880s, they underwent a controversial restoration, which coloured perceptions of their significance and informed radical approaches to their conservation in the twentieth century. Kate will reflect on how Pickering's story adds new layers of understanding to the story of wall paintings in the parish church, and how her research has revealed the hidden medieval meanings of the paintings, the subject of her forthcoming book.

 Kate Giles
 12/04/2021, 7:30PM