The Wordsworths at Dove Cottage

Melissa will introduce William Wordsworth, his sister Dorothy, and their life at Dove Cottage in Grasmere, where they lived from 1799-1808. It was here that Wordsworth wrote a great deal of his best-loved poetry, and where Dorothy kept her famous Grasmere journal. Through studying their own manuscripts, we’ll explore the lives of this remarkable family, and how some of the UKs greatest literature came to be, in the year of Wordsworth’s 250th birthday.

 Melissa Mitchell Assistant Curator, The Wordsworth Trust
 02/03/2020, 7:30PM


Antiquarians, Artists and the Archbishop: The discovery and destruction of the wall paintings of Pickering Church

In 1852 a scheme of remarkable wall paintings was uncovered on the nave walls of Pickering church. However, for the incumbent, the Revd John Ponsonby, the paintings were dangerous reminders of the Catholic past. Despite explicit instructions from the Archbishop of York to preserve the paintings, he attempted to destroy them. This talk uses Pickering as a lens through which attitudes to medieval art can be understood and inform future approaches to conservation and interpretation.

 Dr Kate Giles Buildings Archaeologist, University of York
 06/04/2020, 7:30PM
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